China on the Moon?

It is good to hear recently that the Chinese Lunar Rover has finally landed on the Lunar surface. Although a past article of mine has dismissed the good reason for exploring our Moon, it does (I admit) excite me.

Maybe this is because the great American/Russian Space Race in the 60’s took over the entire worlds space enthusiasts and general public attention over a mere decade. This China project really was commercially and economically sound to send a machine up before any decision is taken to return with us mere human species. It speaks in my opinion of a Nation who has the money to do it , but has perhaps restrained itself in throwing money yet into, (let’s be honest an unknown amount of currency and possible public offence in doing it) Not only that, but a vast area of the countries in this World that we live in folks fall into the following categories …Bankrupt, Near Bankrupt, Believe they are not Bankrupt, but in reality are, Not bankrupt yet, but living the dream as if it will pass them by, and finally, More than enough in the Government Bank, yet poverty in those countries appears wide-spread.

Americans themselves would have known that the Billions of dollars invested into a potential eight or more Moon landings , which turned into a successful six, could have cost a lot of political heads what with Vietnam going on at the same time. But the Lunar Surface shines out like a welcoming beacon to us every night somewhere throughout the world we live in, Perhaps it is this shining light that we all  need to balance the tides etc of our small Earth is just what makes it universally lived. After all, trying to get somewhere which seems impossible certainly has an appeal to our natural curiosity. Scientists, biologists , astronomers, physics and engineering boffins through the ages have all pushed the boundaries that reveal so much to mankind. We do like a challenge or two, or in the case of NASA it us more like six or seven if we take our minds back to each major space  travel project..Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo Soyuz Test Project,International Space Station, Shuttle, Mars, and many other sideline ventures.

One important thing from all this recent research and venture back to the moon that has come to potentially positive light is this..A NASA orbiting probe designed for the moon has revealed that most of the early flags planted by astronauts on those early missions in are still flying. Wow! this apparently is despite scientists predicting they would not be able to survive what they call extreme temperatures and radiation over a period of many years. I already predict the usual sound of  Apollo 11 moon landing conspiracy folks shoes now becoming more like softer slippers perhaps ? However as. this is an American probe pinpointing these flags it might just Herald those who never believed Neil and Buzz walked on the moon for the first time in 1969 to stand firm in their original beliefs. Either way, it ain’t gonna change my mind one tiny bit, Apollo 11 flag photographed flying or not!  Please let’s not insult the memory of Neil Armstrong’s achievement any more. Let us also too, not insult both those other two surviving brave astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.It also casts doubt on five other successful missions and one near tragic other (Apollo 13).

So here we are at the start of a new year 2014. What are we likely to expect with space travel in a world that seems so lacking in financial stability? I predict the Moon will once again entice our curiosity, after all we gave been concentrating on only non deeper space missions since the mid 1970,s. Everything will change when the opportunities for the public to travel into space becomes more economic and not reserved for Billionaires only. If we are already pulling our hair out about” over the top “health and safety regulations, what on Earth (literally) will Governments have to have in place for space travel ?What will space travellers Passports look like, will there be Custom and outer space Border agencies?  and I would like to see if and when Insurance companies come up with a special Travel insurance plan. Finally former NASA Shuttle pilots get ready with your CV, for you may be the only pilots with the experience and guts that the public in reality will trust to take them from ” Infinity and beyond” Gary Royston Cole..  January 2014

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