Stargazing, Space Travel and Vision

BEHOLD A BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSE  IN ALL ITS ETERNAL GLORY                                                                                                                     

As a small child like many children I would now and again on a star lit night stand day dreaming focused on my own personal star with my hands outstretched trying to grab it. I remember vividly the year of 1969 when in one single minute taking ten years of preparation Neil Armstrong gave hope to many young men and women who  dreamed of becoming space explorers.It is always good to dream rather than fantasize! Dreams can become visions , visions with perseverance can becomes realities, but fantasies often remain just that because they lack substance.

If you are thinking. “Well I cant be the first in space, I will never be the first to orbit the earth or walk on the moon, or even break an air speed record” Stop right there because your destiny is your destiny, you own it and determine it and no one else can, thank goodness ! Whilst some men were breaking air speed records others had their sight on the moon, and whilst Cene Cernan was walking on the Lunar surface for the last time other men were preparing the dreams of many to fly in the Space Shuttle. The point I am making is never underestimate the potential of mankind we are crafted from the greatest creator God! And He (depending on your beliefs) wants the very best for us. Technology has advanced tremendously since Armstrong’s footprint on the Moon and the Moon is only one planet in a vast solar system to reach. I am not suggesting we visit say Mars just because we can, or Saturn just because its rings look fascinating, but with any great adventure there needs to be a purpose, and a justification.This is why I herald the return of scientists viewing the stars and planets with their visionary telescopes and claiming new ground for explorers. I do not want to see great aviation feats like The Concorde ceasing flying with no replacement and progress standing still, or Space Shuttle conducting thousands of experiments for the furtherance of planet earth only to be grounded permanently. We need to remain focused on new projects, bolder missions, greater more efficient technology and that “Right Stuff” mentality from would be Astronauts. Just think when Ocean explorers set out discovering the shorelines of new Continents using basic instruments and stars to navigate their course they surely dreamed those same stars would one day be reached….  Gary Royston Cole (for )

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